1.  is the website where Agro de Bazán, S.A with CIF A-36034668 carries out its commercial activity (hereinafter Agro de Bazán).
  2. The use of this web space is subject of being fully accepted by the User of this legal disclosure and of the conditions of use, or from those that are in force in every moment in which the user accesses it as well as the general conditions of the products and services offered.
  3. To this website it is only allowed the access, as well as its use for only lawful purposes, and adjusting always its use based to these Terms of Use and to the laws applied at all times, as well as to the good customs and public order. The company reserves the right to withdraw access to this site, without any prior notice, to any user who contravenes the provisions of this legal disclosure, as well as to inform the competent authorities of carrying out activities that can constitute crime.
  4. Agro de Bazán reserves the unilateral right to modify at any time the present Terms of Use as well as any other general or particular conditions of its website. It also reserves the right to modify at any time the presentation, the settings and location of the Website, as well as the contents and conditions required to use them.
  5. The User acknowledges that access to this site is done with his free consent and is his sole responsibility.
  6. Agro de Bazán reserves the right to inform the competent Authority of any other use that may violate its interests or rights or may constitute a crime.
  7. Agro de Bazán reserves the right to terminate this web service at any time without any further requirement than the notice in these conditions which is 15 days in advance.


  1. The online store Agro de Bazan, has items for sale legally restricted to the minors. Access to this area is reserved for people over 18 years old.
  2. Agro de Bazan sets the controls depending on their state-of-the-art- resources considered adequate to control these products.
  3. The user is aware of this limitation and the access to that area is under his sole responsibility.


  1. Agro de Bazán cannot guarantee the permanent availability of the service offered by this site, nor is it responsible for any damages and losses that may occur in the future, or for any technical problems, whatever their nature may be, which may derive from the use of the information contained on the website.
  2. In the event that errors may occur in the information provided on the site due to a cyber-attack, Agro de Bazán will not take any responsibility neither for these errors nor for the damages caused by the use of the information derived from such errors.
  3. On its website Agro de Bazán, S.A offers third-party links which are thought to be interesting for visitors. However, under no circumstances will the company take any responsibility for the content and the information which may be provided.
  4. The content of this website is merely informative, and we are not responsible at any time about the possible errors produced in its presentation. If you want more detailed information, you can contact us via the email address


The user can register an account on our website by accepting our privacy policy.

The creation of an account implies the acceptance of these conditions:

  1. Your account is personal and non-transferable.
  2. The user must protect and safeguard your login details, including your password.
  3. Any use of your access credentials without any notification of theft or loss shall be deemed made by the user.
  4. Agro de Bazán reserves the right to restrict the access to its web site for security or maintenance reasons.


  1. The industrial and intellectual property of how many logos, emblems, or any element incorporated in the design of this site belongs exclusively to Agro de Bazán. The Agro de Bazán logo is registered and protected by industrial property rights. The User acknowledges and accepts these rights. The elements of this website on which Agro de Bazán does not have intellectual or industrial property rights are used with the corresponding permission.
  2. The reproduction of all or part of the content from is prohibited, as well as its transmission or registration by any information retrieval system, in any form or in any way, unless prior written authorization is obtained, by Agro de Bazán.
  3. It is not permitted to evade the rights of Agro de Bazan on the graphic elements protected by copyright and circumvent or try to circumvent systems that are or may be used to protect the contents. The right to quote is allowed, provided that the source is indicated.
  4. Any violation of the rights of intellectual property on this site or any elements of Agro de Bazan, will be subject to appropriate legal measures to ensure their protection.


  1. Agro de Bazán informs that this website is hosted in Spain, the country in which it offers its services, and therefore the only applicable legislation to resolve any conflict regarding the interpretation of these conditions, is the Spanish legislation, as well as the International Treaties that Spain has signed.
  2. In accordance with the legislation of consumers and users, the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the residence Courts of the consumer.


If you want to clarify any aspect about the Terms of Use described here ,you can go to the following addresses:  if you do it by email or in writing ,to Agro de Bazán, S.A. lugar de Tremoedo 46, Vilanova de Arouda, 36628, Pontevedra.


  •  Agro de Bazán, S.A. A-36034668
  • Registered Office: Lugar de Tremoedo 46, Vilanova de Arousa, 36628, Pontevedra
  • Telephone: 986 55 55 62
  • Correo electrónico:
  • Registration sheet number 6010, at folio 224 of Volume 404 . 1st registration on 8/8/1985

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