The pillars of a wine brand

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We could start by saying: “Once upon a time“, or, “a long time ago“, but no, we do not plan to start like this, better, we will start at the end.

Bodegas Granbazán, with 40 years of history is in the XXI century, considered one of the emblematic wineries in the Salnés Valley in the D.O Rías Baixas

Its product, as you well know, is Albariño wine.

And it is likely that you are wondering: How did it get here without disappearing during the course of the political, social and economic history of Spain?

The answer would be the following: with large doses of entrepreneurship, perseverance and enthusiasm to change and believe in a project.

In 1965, the first property acquired the Finca de Tremoedo in Vilanova de Arousa.

Imagine at that time and before the Transition, a father and a son in front of a pine forest.

Start deforesting, plowing the land, planting vines on 14 hectares of land. With the sole purpose of reaching their goal, to be producers of Albariño wine.

Finca del Salnés en Bodegas Granbazán

They forged the first pillars, at that time the Beatles were rocking, the vines took root and after the return of the son of Alsace and Germany from where he acquired knowledge to make wine was when they decided to rebuild the French-style Chateau, (but this well deserves another history ). Spain was preparing to establish its Democracy.

It was then in 1981, when Granbazán began to be a Brand, a vision come true. Business was ready!

Its sales strategy paved the way for Albariño wine, in the national and international market.

But, and we return to social policy and the ups and downs of the economy. The 2010 crisis was difficult to overcome, everything changed suddenly and without being able to avoid it, the Granbazán Winery passed into the hands of another family business, that of Pedro Martínez Hernández.

From 2017 to the present day, the Granbazán team is working again for its legacy, opening its sights to new nearby and international markets and updating itself. Profiling new pillars of a Brand.

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José Antonio González, responsable of winery