Results of the 2020 harvest at Bodegas GRANBAZÁN

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After the grape harvest at Bodegas GRANBAZÁN, we want to inform you of the result and state of the vineyard.

10 days in advance of the previous campaign, on September 4, the 2020 harvest began at Bodegas Granbazán.

The last days of August, hot and dry, helped to keep the proliferation of fungal diseases at bay, which, due to the abundant rains in the middle of the month, had the perfect conditions to develop.

A rainy winter and a month of March with low temperatures was the scene of the early and heterogeneous budding of this season.

The development of the vines continued slowly unaffected by the threat of frost in early April.

The inclement Galician weather fortunately ceased during the flowering period to give us a warm two-week window towards the end of May.

However, the return of abundant rainfall and the increase in temperatures favored a strong attack by the mildew fungus, affecting both foliage and small clusters.

The hot and dry days of the summer just past, highlight the extreme conditions imposed by the Atlantic climate in the valley, with maximum averages of 27.2 ºC in the month of July, remaining until the second week of August.

The last weeks before harvest, after the rains in August, were dry and hot, very similar to those of 2019, with the presence of strong north winds, dehydrating the berries and concentrating both sugar and acidity.

The harvest began, with an average potential alcohol of 12.7º and total tartaric acidity between 8 and 9 g / l. higher than those of the 2019 vintage.

Fortunately, the rain-laden clouds passed through the Salnés valley just after the grape harvest.

The young wines and musts that are still fermenting already show their characteristic tension and freshness and great expression on the nose.

If after knowing the result of our 2020 vintage, you want to continue knowing the history and properties of our Albariños GRANBAZÁN wines with D.O. Rías Baixas, we encourage you to discover its tasting notes:

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