Sefita de Monteagudo, chef in Bodegas Granbazán

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Great ideas and moments from which to choose come to mind, to introduce you to our chef, a person like her deserves a great presentation.

As well! In order to get to know her and understand what Sefita is like, we encourage you to relive a beautiful memory with us.

¡Please join us to take your minds back to the past!

And answer the following question: Who has not entered the kitchen of the grandmother, aunt or mother and has enjoyed the aroma of their stews?

That aroma… it was blessed glory! You approached, and with the bread you dipped what they cooked and the eyes were lost in so much delight.

Well, that’s how Sefita’s kitchen is! She is a Galician woman where there are, blessed with the gift of cooking (there is no recipe that can resist it, she even improves it).


Sefita Monteagudo chef in Bodegas Granbazán


Among the virtues of Sefita, we want to say that she is a hard-working, humble and resourceful person.

And she has that Galician retreat, which makes you love her, more than her empanadas, cheeks with albariño and her pancakes dipped in golden honey.

A “self-made” woman, born in Vilanova de Arousa and from a working family.

Sefita, began this journey from a very young age, glued to her aunt Carmucha’s apron.

But, it was not until he was 16 when he started in the gastronomic business, and he peeled many potatoes and onions until finally he was given the controls of the stove.

It is essential to highlight the traditional cuisine of Sefita, but also, the treatment with the suppliers, their knowledge of the product and, of course, their ability to take advantage of each product in all its versions. Definitely, his hashtag on social networks would be: #ifixthis.

In addition, she has been working at Bodegas Granbazán for 16 years, and she is as exceptional for the team as she is for the clients.

In fact, after the celebrations and events that take place in our rooms, they always ask her to come out to applaud her, it’s a joy to see it!

Even having thirty years of experience, her cheeks continue to turn red like red peppers when she goes out to the rooms, later, her eyes light up, and that is when she takes a deep breath to take a breath and thank her for the love.

Because, even if you may not believe it, Sefita always takes care of all the details and processes in the preparation of her dishes until the last moment, taking care that everything comes out delicious and just right.

Now, you know Sefita better, it is time to say goodbye. But we left staying in good hands, enjoying an Pulpo a feira on a creamy potato flavored with nutmeg, accompanied with Albariño Granbazán Etiqueta Verde with D.O Rías Baixas, a true delight!

We do not want to make you envious, but if like us, you like “good food” do not hesitate to visit our gastronomy section.

And we hope that soon, you will be encouraged to visit us or to live a special day in our facilities in the Salnés Valley (Rías Baixas), to see first-hand the incredible Sefita elaborations.

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