The star
The albariña grape

The essence of the Salnés Valley

The Granbazán estate is located in the heart of the Salnés Valley, across 14 hectares of vineyard.

A constant theme in our history has been to exert the maximum effort and care into the vines, vineyard, and the soil beneath. Our grapes are field-sorted, ensuring only the best grapes arrive  to the winery from their short distance outside and protecting the integrity and freshness of the fruit. In addition to the 14 hectares surrounding the Finca Tremoedo, Granbazean also owns 3 hectares in Covas del Lobos.

The vines are trained along the traditional “parra,” which is typical of wet and rainy areas like ours. Vines trained in this way see their leaves and clusters expand horizontally across a high plane parallel to the ground from a height of 1.8m, which facilitates airflow, reducing the need for excessive sprays, and in turn promoting sustainable practices which ensure a harmonious ripening season for the grapes.

We strive to capture what we believe is the essence of the Salnés valley, expressed through wines made 100% from the Albariño grape grown on granitic soils, along a North-South aspect, 100 meters above sea level, and within reach of the Atlantic Ocean’s influence. All of these factors, combined with selecting only the best clones, results in small, concentrated grape berries of unparalleled flavor, nuance, and freshness.

Granbazán’s range of wines is varied, but we nonetheless strive to innovate and explore the potential of this world-class wine grape. We strive with every vintage to identify and express the unique personalities of every micro-plot of vines we work with, with respect to their sense of terroir. Our winemaking, as a result, is about letting the terroir do the talking, using minimalist techniques to best preserve these ideals.



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