Would you like to get to know our team better? José Antonio González, responsable of our winery

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We are back! And we love to tell you our news.

Everything that we have been telling you so far and you can find on our website is about the state of the field and the awards that Bodegas Granbazán has received.

But, in addition, now, we want to share with you the stories that fill the daily life of the winery. Do you like this ?

As is well known, the work of the vineyard is arduous, traditional and close, since many are the families of the Salnés, in the heart of the Rías Baixas, who dedicate themselves to this task, viticulture.

Without forgetting that, what happens inside the winery is also important.

So we begin in this article talking about the human team that is found among the wine deposits, such as Don Quijote among the Cervantes mills.

From the entry of the grape to the bottling being apprentices, and later, masters of the care and elaboration of wine.

Perhaps, if you have visit us, follow us on the networks or enjoy our Albariños GRANBAZÁN wines, you have already had the opportunity to meet a member of our great team.

But, if not, do not worry because little by little we will introduce them to you:

Our protagonist today is, José Antonio González, responsable of our winery.

José Antonio en Bodegas Granbazán

He lives just 5 minutes from our winery and studied at the IES Ramón Cabanillas de Cambados.

Since his adolescence, he went to harvest with his family from whom he acquired knowledge and skills, later passing through several wineries until he arrived at our Granbazán winery in 2017.

Since then, until today, he has transmitted to us all his respect in the process and care of the wine, the pressing, fermentation and aging always by the hand of the winemaker to help the continuous improvement of our exquisite Albariños Granbazán with D.O. Rías Baixas.

Granbazán teamHe can be defined as a lover of his work and an ambassador for the brand.

We hope you have enjoyed getting to know José Antonio a little more, we will continue to tell you more stories!

See you soon!

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