Limited Edition Veigalobos 2018, the story of a unique Albariño wine

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Dear reader! We are back with a new story to tell!

We are happy to introduce you a project that we have been working on for a long time, and that finally comes to light today.

After several years of effort, innovation and dedication in exploring the potential of the Albariña grape, we can present you the new Albariño wine from Bodegas Granbazán: The limited edition Veigalobos 2018.

Veigalobos 2018 bottleThe occasion well deserves that we tell it in a special way, for that reason, we want to invite you to take a nice trip to enjoy it and get to know it better, will you join us?

We are going to take a walk along the banks of the Umia river, for this I invite you to take the car from the Granbazán winery, located in the Salnés valley in the Rías Baixas, from here, we will go along the highway towards Cambados and at the height from the picnic area del Rio Umia we will park our car.

It is here, where we will begin a quiet walk along the river bank, we will cross a small shady forest and cross the bridge to go to the vineyard. And we will begin to feel under our feet the sandy terrain so peculiar to the area.

Once at Finca Cobas de Lobos, we will observe the passing of the centuries in the sandy terroir.

A terroir that time has eroded and that the constant rains and runoff have covered with soft and fine clay like silt.

They are “spring tides” under our feet, organic material that feeds our vines.

Giving us each September a peculiar Albariño grape, with powerful acidity and incomparable aromatic quality.

From this point on, Granbazán has implemented the ancestral technique of fermentation in the presence of skins, with modern winemaking tools such as cryo-maceration.

We explain it to you: the grapes are destemmed and marinated with dry ice.

The semi-frozen paste that results from this process begins to gain temperature and the juice to bleed slowly over the days. Finally, it is gently pressed to extract every last drop of this precious must.

A fraction of the skins and seeds already pressed are put to ferment with the must obtained to enhance the extraction of floral notes and the structure in the mouth, separated from the skins, the wine will remain 26 months on its fine lees in stainless steel tanks before being bottling

The bottle is a kind of hybrid between a Rhin and a Bordeaux.

The cork is flower-type capsule with cream-colored sealing.

We have never enjoyed such a unique Albariño wine! Where, in addition to the fruit, the floral and the spicy stand out.

We are then going to stretch the blanket next to the river bank, we will cut a good cured sheep cheese and a piece of bread from the Modia.

We will enjoy the moment, uncorking a bottle of Albariño Veigalobos limited edition 2018!

We hope you have enjoyed this trip as much as we have enjoyed telling it to you.

Now, we encourage you to discover all the properties of this great Albariño wine with D.O. Rías Baixas:

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