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At Granbazán, we have had an ambitious sustainability program for a few years. We started around 2017 betting on renewable energy, the photovoltaic panels installed by Vagalume Energía.

84 high-performance photovoltaic panels and 2 thermal panels cover the main roof of the winery and provide energy in the year of about 30,300 Kwh, which represents a 25% annual saving in electricity consumption.

Sustainability is one of our values, as a company, which we continue to work on every day.

The unstoppable and increasingly evident climate change is a reality and at Bodegas Granbazán we continue to make progress in leaving the least possible carbon footprint in our activities.

Biodiversity is another of our premises, for this reason we will shortly begin with a program where the diversification of habitats and the planting of plants will favor pollination through bees.

Vegetable covers such as ivy and other climbing plants, on walls and walls will serve for the biological control of pests.

Spaces with natural elements such as rocks will serve as shelter for small reptiles, the water pond area for frogs and finally the nests for birds will facilitate the entire unstoppable process of natural improvement of the fauna and vegetation on the farm.

The classification of waste, natural composting in the vineyard and a host of new practices will improve the environment at a local level and a grain of sand in general.

From time to time we promise to inform you of our implementation of these objectives. And if you have the opportunity to come to the winery, you will be able to enjoy what we are advancing. Ask us, we will be happy to inform you!

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