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It is always difficult to start a writing and much more when you have to do it from the experience and projects of your team and yourself.

That is why I am going to tell you that we are two women who have had different ages and have almost the same work path.

My partner Carina, daughter of Galicians who emigrated to Germany, was born and raised in that foreign country, from where she acquired her three fluent languages and her affection for our Galician lands. Her father, a local winegrower, started her on her trip to the world of wine.

On the contrary, I was the daughter of Murcian immigrants, in this case I was raised in Catalonia and trained in a community where I learned a lot of responsibility, organization and an open mind to new projects.

Tourism and Hospitality Professionals, we have both developed our knowledge for different positions in the world of Hospitality, which have given us extensive experience in marketing, customer service and pooling of actions and projects to improve the business.

Today we both coincide in the Granbazán Wineries, that even though it is industrial tourism (wine tourism), we have provided the whole with a more enriched offers. So that you, have your expectations met or exceeded. Please enjoy the entire winery!

This new project in Granbazán continues to grow and we are exploring all the possible potential it has, so that you can enjoy it.

Our social networks are our most faithful window of what you can find here.

And we will take care of all those details that you need to carry out your event.

We will both be delighted to receive you. You just have to call us!

See you soon!

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